Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Journey


8/20/2009 4:56:36 AM

The Internet is a powerful tool of communication.

Just yesterday our little group met at a secret location here in Topeka KS.

We discussed our progress. I’m on the brochure committee.

Then I was finally able to download my emails from ONE of my many emails. You can spend too much time deleting 99.9 % of the junk/spam entering my inbox.

When one is a webmaster for my own faith 2 dot com one must also be aware of all those folks wanting your money.


The good news is yesterday Mark and I were able to paint the city barn. We finished the north side. The neighbors are pleased .. maybe.

My daily listening to the Bible is doing very well too.

I’m into the gospel of Mark.

When I was visiting my mother and also participating in the Honey Days in Bruce SD, the Lutheran church was offering a CD on the new testament. I picked up a copy.

Guess I’ll save this and post to our web.



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