Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy (1932-2009)


8/26/2009 4:49:52 AM

Senator Kennedy died this AM.

I’m currently watching FOX/TV and Ted Kennedy passed this AM. I wish the family well.

Now the passing of an era has come to pass.

Here are my thoughts regarding the Kennedy family.

I first began following the news of the Kennedy’s back in the 1960’s.

John F. Kennedy, his older brother and our beloved President back then was assinated on Nov 21, 1963.

I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was sitting in a biology lab class, awaiting further instructions on what we’re going to cut up today. We cut up frogs, etc.

I next walked to the student union at SDSU, Brookings SD and watched the proceedings on a black and white TV screen. I then drove my 1961? Two door Chevy to Bruce SD. I stopped at Bud ‘n Mick’s Café and I remember telling a local the news.

I was a freshman at SDSU back then and we commuted from home.

The last person of the Kennedy legacy has now passed.

Who will take over?

The Kennedy family is like reading a Greek tragedy.

I’m thinking our current president, Barack Obama, (BO, my own nickname) is President now because of Senator Ted.

So the Kennedy family has been in our political life, unfortunately, our liberal life, for much too long.

RIP Senator.

Thanks for all the GOOD social programs you originated, like meals on wheels.

Of course, I’m a fiscal conservative, and I couldn’t agree with most anything he did.



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