Monday, December 29, 2008



An email from my 1st cousin Carol.

12/29/2008 7:29:06 AM

Mom has gone home peacefully in the middle of the night (just after 1am). Martha and I both were speaking and singing gently to her as she was called home. She didn’t show pain these six days since she had her stroke, just deeper breathing on the last day. Of course there is always some discomfort when laying down all day and so we kept helping her adjust her position and using many pillows, but she wasn’t agitated nor did she appear to be in pain these days. To go quickly and without pain was an answer to prayer.

She had looked so well just yesterday (Sunday) morning, we wondered if she might linger on for yet another week, but around suppertime, she started giving signs that she was soon leaving us, by the color of her skin. While Martha and Aunt Thea sang to her during the church hour yesterday, she raised her hand again, as she often did through the years, joining in worship to the Lord. Did she somehow realize in her spirit that it was the hour of worship she so dearly loved?

I will send the details of the Visitation times and the Service as soon as I confirm them with Albin’s Funeral Chapel in the morning. We are expecting the funeral will be on Wednesday afternoon.

She’s gone ahead of us to the wedding feast of her Lord. She would want you to know that you’re warmly invited too!

We will all miss her dearly. Thank you for your love and prayers for her and us during this time.

My apologies for any duplicate emails you may receive on this. It’s a rather sleepy hour!

Carol Freeman
Dean of Women
Prof. of Christian Ministries & Cross-Cultural Comm.
Bethany College of Missions



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