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I’m inspired to write about my family because of my good friend Kevin McGinty’s article in the Metro last Friday.

Kevin, Thank you for this latest column. FYI, I have made a link for Kevin in our web my own faith also, as Kevin has done the same.

For those of you who might know, Sally and I have two sons, John & Mark.

Mark has promised to be our caregiver someday when we’re too old to take care of ourselves. In returned I willed Mark our home. Thank you Mark for being our son and accepting me, your father, just as I am. Mark has always been there for me and I love him very much.

John is our first-born son. John married Kim, I think in May 2005. They have one child, Madeline Claire Holter, born on April 11, 2006. Madeline is our only grandchild. Sally is allowed to see Madeline only when she initiates the call to John.. Sally got to see Madeline last weekend to witness her first Santa visit. She gets to see her maybe once a month or so.

After the birth of Madeline in April 2006, the Stormont Vail hospital baby photographer came to the hospital room and took a photo of the baby and posted it on the hospital’s website, here in Topeka KS. Like all approved web pages, they leave the vital statistics for only a certain length of time. I took the opportunity to download the web page into my computer as proud grandpa wanted to archive the site before it’s removed. I received an email from John regarding the birth and I was able to reply to all stating that I was Madeline’s proud paternal grandpa. I made a web page for Madeline and told one and all in my address book. This web page was password protected and if one wanted to view the hospital’s PUBLIC web page I would be happy to share this knowledge.

Around this time, I get a cell call from Kim, John’s wife. She’s irate! I calmly try to find out why she’s so angry? She explains that under no circumstances am I to even mention the fact that I am Madeline’s grandfather on our web. I am totally taken aback by her anger! She rants on and for for some time telling me I’m a LIAR and all trust has been lost. A few days later, I get this letter in the mail from Kim, detailing to me the conditions I am to meet before I am ever to see Madeline again. I have made a copy of her contact, and I refused to sign this demoralizing poison pen contract. This was sometime in May 2006 I believe I have apologized for wanting to share our only grand daughter within our web, but I’m a LIAR and untrusting, remember. Consequently, I am NOT allowed to see Madeline. I have NOT seen Madeline since she was born. Sally gets to see her only when she asks. I am not allowed to give her a hug, and I no longer have any communication with my prodigal son, John. I love my family very much, and my life has a BIG void in it before of this feud. This Christmas Day will be my 2nd annual day in feeding the geese at 6th & Gage. Sally and Mark will probably go to John’s to open presents. I’m depressed.

Thanks again Kevin for your excellent article. You inspired me to write.

Merry Christmas



Blogger Kim said...

The real story.

Dear Myron and the rest of the family,

Myron's information regarding his wrong doing is not based in the
facts. Myron and I had a conversation on the telephone in the
morning of the day you posted Madeline's picture to the website.
During that conversation I expressed to you at least 7 times that we
did not want anything posted to your website or any other website
concerning Madeline. You agreed that you would not post anything to
your website or any other website concerning Madeline. John was in the
room with me while I was on the telephone with you.

You then created a website with full knowledge it was against our
wishes and against your word which you asked me to trust. You then
emailed John the link to check out the website you created.

When I looked at the website and saw her picture, I called you and
asked how it got there. Your reply was that you had no idea. I
asked you whether there was any way your website could have been
infiltrated. You said it was secure. I asked you to decide which
was true, you didn't know how the picture got there, or your website
was not secure. You said you had no idea her picture was there and
your website was secure.

It took you days to fully remove her information from the website.
It took you a month to admit you had actually put the picture there.
On July 24 (nearly 3 months later), you signed a contract apologizing
to me for lying and agreeing that you would not continue to lie
regarding this incident. Included with your signed contract was a
statement asking us to "Leave you alone"

You did not request any contact with Madeline at any time. You did
see her at the hospital when Sally had chest pains and at the bonfire
at Charlene's. Both of these were at our instigation Between July
24 and just before Thanksgiving, you did not communicate any desire to
see her. Just prior to Thanksgiving, you violated your contract by
again telling me that you are not a liar.

I spent the first three months of my child's life trying to reason
with you and get you to understand reality. This effort was
extremely stressful and difficult as you fail to do anything but call
me evil and accept zero responsibility for your actions. You claim
that you are grieving as a grandfather, but you fail to see how your
lying was hurtful to me and my family.

I will no longer continue to be stressed by this situation. It is in
your hands, you may choose to follow your contract or not. This
situation is as permanent as you chose for it to be.

This is the factually based reason why Myron has been asked to change
his behavior. His pattern of lies has been unacceptable. I have
never called him a pervert or charged him with any other offense than

If this makes me evil in the entire families' eyes, then let that be
at least based on the actual facts. I apologize to Myron's family
for any stress that has been caused by the situation his lies have
created. I am sorry that you will likely have this repeated every
holiday and birthday until Myron accepts responsibility for his
actions and is able to stop lying.

As for Madeline's first birthday present. It was inappropriate. The
Bible itself is not the issue, though she is a bit young for a King
James Version. The inscription "Visit us online @
God Bless Myron Happy Birthday (with 1st inserted) 4/11/7-to my
Beloved Grandaughter I love you very much! I would love to have you
know me, but unfortunately your mother chooses otherwise- Please save
this Bible & our prayer is for you to know our Lord and Savior Jesus
Christ Train up a child in the ways he/she should go and when they
are old they will not depart from it Love ya your grandpa Myron."

The Bible included an envelope inviting Madeline to attend a Reliv
event on Tuesdays or Saturdays at the Holidome. A Reliv retail and
wholesale diagram indicating Madeline would be in the circle of Reliv?
And seven of Myron's business slips with Reliv product information
attached. It is interesting that in the present Madeline was
mentioned two times and Reliv was mentioned nine times.

Madeline is 1 year old. This is not an appropriate present for a 1
year old. The Bible will not be saved for Madeline as the inscription
is completely unacceptable. I am sorry that Sally was asked to
transport this present. When Madeline is ready for Bible of her own,
we will purchase her an age appropriate one.

Additionally, Myron has seen Madeline since her birth. He saw her at the hospital when Sally thought she was having a heart attack and Myron couldn't wait to go home without her and gave the doctor his cell phone to call him when she was to be released.

He also saw her when she was around 6 months at the bon fire.

Myron tends to as his sister Delpha put it "forget" things. I would say he is unable to face reality and tell the truth when it does not shine a good light on him.

December 16, 2008 at 10:53 AM  
Blogger Myron & Sally Holter said...

My future in seeing my only grandchild is grim. Thanks for your prayers.

December 19, 2008 at 6:06 AM  

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