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12/17/2008 5:18:10 AM


The word preparation is a very meaningful word this time of year. These are the events we can prepare for.


I am constantly turning to scripture this time of year as preparation for our Savior is all too important. The bible teaches us to prepar ye the way of the Lord, make HIS paths straight. We know NOT when HE will come again.

So I’m reminded daily of what I’m doing in my daily life for the preparation of our Saviors birth and my answer is .. NOT ENOUGH!

I have already prepared my Christmas shopping; it took me a little better than an hour with Mark at Wal-Mart. He wanted a wristwatch. I asked him to look over the cheapest Casio $20.00, and was is happy. Sally is getting whatever she wants within OUR budget and I’ll even help her wrap the empty box.

Decorating our home is another story. I used to enjoy crawling up the house and make our home look like Chevy Chase’s “vacation.” Not any more. I’m just a non-spirited Christmas person anymore. I think I know why.

The reason I do NOT enjoy Christmas anymore is because of my prodigal son John.

You see, I will be celebrating Dec 25 feeding the geese at 6th & Gage again this year. Mark and Sally will be enjoying watching our only grand child Madeline open up her presents. That’s what Christmas is all about, the children. Guess I’ll visit the geese and see if there’s any “children geese ” I can enjoy watching. OH WELL.

Now in preparation for other things, I guess I’ll need to prepare our leaky windows from the freezing wind. Our dish soap is frozen. Also, It’s time to finish the lower bathroom and prepare our bodies for doing #1 and #2.

My new pot of coffee is prepared.




Blogger Kevin McGinty said...

Hang in there Myron. I hope one of these days you and your family can get past this huge fight you're having. Life is way too short to spend it being mad at each other. It's a lose, lose situation...

December 17, 2008 at 11:21 AM  

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