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Do you lead a purpose driven life?


I would like to reflect on my purpose driven life in this blog article.

I first lead a purpose driven life when my childhood friend Keith Loomis was killed in a tractor accident. We had just came home from a week of Bible camp together in NE South Dakota , NESODAK, and a few weeks later he was gone. I remember Les Moe driving over to the farm and asked my parents if I would be his pallbearer. We were to be confirmed later at Grace Lutheran, Bruce SD. The church since has burned down. We’re talking the fall of 1960, I was 15 at the time. I remember the first week of high school wearing a suit and walking to my friend’s funeral. I remember like it was yesterday. I cried inside. When I got home on the farm, I read myself scripture and the bible verse jumped out to me. “My peace I leave with you, not as the world gives, give I unto you” I believe that was Jesus’ return to his disciples after his 3 days in hell. I could be wrong about that.

So I received peace knowing that my friend Keith is in heaven, and someday I’ll see him again. I made a pact with God back then. Some might call it being born again. Us Lutheran’s didn’t use that word, which was reserved for the Baptists. We’re laid back Lutherans, and any displays of emotions were to be shunned.

Following Keith’s death, I would TEST God. Imagine that! I would try to make deals with God in my head. I’d talk to God and say things like, “If you do this for me, I’ll do this for you” Boy was I naïve! Trying to make deals with God, just like Bob Barker in the price is right. But I still followed God and finished confirmation back then, but I sure missed my friend Keith Loomis. I visit with his brother Bryce periodically today and I’m willing to share my story also. Bryce is also a member of Grace Lutheran, as am I.

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