Sunday, December 28, 2008

My New Year's resolved resolutions

12/28/2008 5:33:05 AM


Good Morning!

It’s Sunday morning and all’s well.

Now that Christmas activities are over, it ‘s time to think about New Year’s Eve and the beginning of 2009. Now we all need to think about our own resolutions. I too have resolutions. My resolutions are very simple. I resolve to continue trying to cross off my hand written bucket list as posted on our website. How’s that for being simple. Here’s what I’ve crossed off so far:

- have Jesus in my heart always
- stay married to Sal until death do us part
- do not commit suicide over my prodigal son and his family
- call my mother regularly
- continue to pray for John & Kim to grow up and reread the fruits of the spirit
- enjoy the pictures of Madeline from John’s camera
- golf at will (my frozen shoulder is still frozen though)
- stay retired and enjoying it
- write to my blog
- taking care of my type 2 diabetes
- continue to market our website.
- Make good hyper-links for GOOD sites
- Continue to attend OSLC
- Share Financial Peace University to one and all
- Continue to fix up the old truck (my hearse)
- Look for old writings, photos, etc. and write about them on the web.
- Loving Charlie, Sal, Mark, John, Kim & Madeline & mainly loving Jesus

I’ll think of more later, but first I need to post this to my PUBLIC blog.



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