Saturday, December 27, 2008

Myron's Presidential Aspirations

Tim Moen is Linda Willis's brother. He has endorsed me from my 2004 Presidential campaign. The following his Tim's web page. I'll need to download XENA's photo also.

Tim Moen
It is my distinguished honor to make a recommondation prior to your election primaries. The successful election of Myron Holter for President of the United States will send a message of resounding rejection of Bill Clinton and everything he stands for and everybody he stands with, the likes of Reno, Albright, and Shalala. America is ready for Myron Hotlers fight against government waste and fight for lower taxes and organizing job searches for the many former White House bimbos. One thing's for sure about Clinton. He sure didn't neglect domestic affairs! Myron Holter. A long needed new conservative leader. Leadership decends from character and this return to character will be a jolt to the way Washington and America see their president, along with returning the meaning of Chinese carryout back to food instead of military secrets. I think to help the country make a smooth transition from a Clinton to a Holter Department of Justice. A new Attorney General should be somewhat of a small transition from the current Janet Reno. And in keeping with the current popular hollywood and wrestling canidates for public office. I think you should nominate before Congress, Xena Warrior Princess for your new Attorney General.


Click here to view XENA



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I'm TRYING to download XENA .. bear with me

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