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My previous blog was titled “Christmas is ..”. This blog will be titled “Christmas was .. “

My memories of past Christmas’s were always enjoyable.

I’ll try to find an old photo later.

Christmas was ..

Listening to Uncle John Bergh’s Christmas story on Christmas eve
Snow sledding with the Iverson cousins on Christmas day
Eating Lutefisk and lefsa and enjoying it.
Enjoying family (siblings, parents, cousins, etc.etc.)
Hunting jackrabbits and not getting killed
Feeding the animals extra food (per DAD’s instructions)
Doing holiday fun things
Seeing my dad dressed up like Santa
Going to church at 10 pm Christmas eve
Opening presents
Enjoying brother Dale
Getting along with my sibs .. sorta
Listening to my parents visit with the neighbors from our brother’s bedroom upstairs.
Crying with the family over deaths (Adolph, aunt Audrey, uncle Lewis, cousins, etc.)
Watching my grandma Julie cry on Christmas day .. circa 1950’s at John @ Susie Bergh
My mother’s siblings were missionaries and she knew she would not see them again. The mission field Bergh families were home for the Holidays and Julie (Branes) Bergh knew this would be her last time with her children. She died a year or so later. I was about 10 or so. I remember this family gathering very much.

Cranking homemade ice cream and going to the Sioux river for ice.
Receiving peanuts from Walt Bombeck at grade school. Walt would throw them at us in our one room country school, Eureka Dist. #57, Bruce SD
Playing with my cousins and friends.
Reciting any stories from school days.
Writing before computers (yes, I wrote even back then in my own handwriting)
Watching my father being amazed at Dale’s showing him a “NEW” calculator with big power pack. DAD never did understand.
Being curious about a Christmas present from Delpha and Julie. It was a toy of some sort.
Having a Charlie Brown tree from the Bruce lumber yard.
Reading from Luke and impatiently wanting to “GET IT ON” .. open gifts.
Disappearing to be by myself. Never a problem.
Driving back and forth to SDSU with Wally & Ronny Perry (1963-64)
Bringing an old girlfriend to meet my parents one year.
Freezing our buns off upstairs.
Watching the weather from the kitchen window.
Taking out wash machine water from the entry room on the farm
Fond memories from family, friends, etc.etc.

These are just some of my Christmas memories. I’ll ADD some more if/when I feel like it.



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