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12/25/2008 5:06:35 AM

Yes Indeed, it’s Christmas Morning!

What can I write about today?

What else! .. The celebration of a birthday! .. JESUS!

Praise GOD for sending his only SON on this earth in the form of a child , born in a manger! What greater love can GOD do for us than to bring us a baby? We celebrate joyfully.

The Holter’s here in Topeka are no exception. Last night myself, Sally, Mark & Julie S. celebrated Christmas by attending services. Sally & I sing in the choir. Mark and Julie S. rode along with us. The church was packed. The service at 10 PM was also well attended.

So what’s my schedule today?

Well, at 9:30 AM this AM, Mark and Sally are to be at #1 prodigal sons home for a timed Christmas event. I’m sure they’ll be on a timer. I wish them enjoyment.

I’ll be heading fro 6th and Gage around that time. The geese are excitedly waiting their feeding. Charlie will be helping me feed the geese. Read my previous blog for more information about that.

As many of you may or may not know, I’m a blogger. So what can be more appropriate than to blog about your day? The holidays in my life are no different than any other day in my life. If it weren’t for my family, I would just as soon celebrate Christmas by myself. I’m a loner in a lot of ways. Just leave me alone is my motto. I’ve always been a loner I guess.

So Christmas mornings are no exception.

We sang last night and it was fun seeing only the C & E folks. There were many strangers and they were ALL welcome.

Janice Swanson took a digital of Sally & I also. I guess I’ll post this digital she took on this blog.

MERRY CHRISTMAS (We say Merry Christmas here!) That’s in our voice message at home too.



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