Tuesday, December 30, 2008



12/30/2008 4:04:41 AM

Have you ever gotten rear ended?

I have, just yesterday around 1538 military time. It happened at 29th & Fairlawn. I was just returning home from working out at the downtown YMCA and was waiting for a green arrow, when WHAMMO! .. A BIG TRUCK slammed into my rear. The trunk is ruined. My body is OK, a little neck lash, but what the heck , I’m alive to survive another day. The young man that reared me is only 19 years old and he was rather upset. He is looking for a better job, so I gave him a FPY flyer. The lady in front of me also came to check on us and I also gave her a flyer. The police arrived about an hour later, almost, I think. A police report was filled out and I am to see American Family insurance this AM to settle.



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